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Our Crest

Know Your Crest

Know Your Crest

The San Diego Loyal Soccer Club crest was created by you. Through thousands of hours of conversations — from listening sessions to surveys to one-on-one chats – you told us what you love about San Diego and what you want from your soccer club. Inspired by you, this crest is yours. Because this is your home. This is your club. For Now. For Always. For San Diego.


The crest includes multiple symbols that celebrate both San Diego and the world’s game. It includes representation from San Diego’s sky, land and ocean. The sky is represented by an “SD” Mark that resembles both the sun and a soccer ball. The “SD” Mark is set against vibrant orange hues, iconic to the region’s sunrises and sunsets. The four bands of color also represent the club’s four pillars - independent, authentic, inclusive and optimistic. Land is represented in the word “loyal” and is positioned in between the sky and ocean. “Loyal” is set in the color of Torrey Green in honor of San Diego’s Torrey pine – a tree indigenous only to the region – and will be a color unique in the North American soccer landscape. The interwoven colors in the ocean imagery, located at the foundation of “loyal,” is symbolic of the comfortable diversity in San Diego’s communities. Lastly, the “Y” in loyal is connected to the bottom of the crest to symbolize an anchor and the club’s commitment to stay, as well as, a California poppy to pay homage to our great state. All of these elements are encompassed in a shield that draws inspiration from the Spanish architecture of San Diego’s past, and the elegant curve of the Coronado Bridge.

The team’s crest was designed in collaboration with local and award-winning agency Red Door Interactive, with design led internally by Creative Director Patrick Cinco.


San Diego Loyal Know the Crest